About us

LOTA & TAOL Gallery was created to represent original unique art works. We believe that exposure to high quality art can inspire, educate and enrich life.

LOTA stands for Love Of The Arts, and

TAOL stands for The Art Of Love.

The founder of LOTA & TAOL gallery, Alina Burgova, has always been looking for the most organic way to incorporate art in the lives of people.

This is where the idea of Art Wine Lounge and Cafe was born.

Is there a better way to let people spend time with art without rushing out or looking for the only bench in the gallery where they can pause?

LOTA & TAOL gallery is proud to serve multiple missions -

Enrich lives of people by offering original unique art works from all over the world

Offer a venue for local artists to present their work

Support Paul Chester Children's hope foundation (www.PCCHF.org)

Collaborate with local businesses offering a beautiful venue for meetings, classes and field trips for children

Your senses of sight, taste and creative curiosity will meet here,